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On To 3rd House......

Eduardo and Teresa

Moving furniture

As we move into building Uilma Ponce's home, we would like to take a moment and introduce you to Eduardo and Teresa; the backbone of the foundations work in Manchay. We could not do this work without them. They have been with The Family of Mankind since the beginning and are central to getting everything done. Thank you Eduardo and Teresa for all of your support and assistance each year.

The Acosta familie's house is in the final

stages. Moving in furniture and household items brings us closer to the day we hand them the keys to their new home... Always a day we look forward to.

Walls going up!

Moving along to the 3rd house.....

The walls of the Ponce family home are going up!

Uilma Ponce

Meet Uilma Ponce. Her family are the recipients of the last house we will build this trip. Many days, as their houses come together, the owners will be on site watching the progress and taking part. Not only is there excitement from the families, but from us as well.

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