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Moving Right Along.....

Emerita's House

Click on photo to review entire update because we have LOTS to talk about today. Construction on Emerita's house and bano is complete! We now move into interior work. Her windows and electricity should be installed by the end of today (June 1st). It has been exciting to see it all come together particularly since everyone has waited so patiently for so long. Part of the mission of The Family of Mankind is to employ local artisans and workers to help build and furnish the houses. It is truly a group and community based effort and we couldn't be happier to be a part.

Emerita's house and bano

Walls for Edwin's house going up!

We have also begun construction on Edwin's house. The walls should be complete today and, like Emerita's house, we will then install windows and electricity.

Prepping for construction of walls for Edwin's house

Thank you to the team of workers and volunteers who are keeping us on schedule!

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