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Final Images

Uilma and family (cat included)

We end this month with final photos of Uilma Ponce and family's furnished home and a finishing touch to Edwin Acosta's house (a courtyard wall and door was added). Through a united effort of volunteers, suppliers and workers this year could not have gone smoother. What a wonderful ending to a very long and trying couple of years. The excitement of being a part of these families lives is beyond description and we could'nt be happier for them.

We also thank you for being on this journey with us and supporting the families of Manchay. It truly does take a global village and we are humbled by your generosity and care.

Courtyard door for Edwin

To date, The Family of Mankind has been able to build 85 houses for families in Manchay.

As always we wish you all peace, love, light..... and no more pandemic.

Gracias and Saludos!

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