In January 2018, volunteers traveled to Manchay, Peru to help build new homes for 4 families in great need of a safe, comfortable and healthy habitat.  


Meet the volunteers




Houston Walls

Annapolis, Maryland

James Dumesnil

Taos, New Mexico

Sarah and Doug Schwartz

Silverthorne, Colorado


Meet The families

Not pictured is Crisantina Yalli, she is the mother of Yanet, 18 and Pablo, 20 pictured above. Crisantina passed away three months before we arrived to build the house. They all lived in a one room rented shanty. They desperately needed a house of their own because they were in danger of loosing the rented space.  Yanet and Pablo were very relived and thankful to hear that we would certainly build the home as promised. The entire neighborhood was there to celebrate the dedication. 


Maria Agapito, 97 and her son Guillermo, 55 lived in two separate shacks. The one above was literally falling apart, the second one is   the one you see in the large photo. Guillermo has a mental condition that prevents him from working.  Isolina needs frequent care provided by Guillermo.  They will now live more comfortably as they both will be occupy the same house. 

This is the Quispe family; Cesar, Teresa, Heidi, Gamila, Mauricio, Astrid and Valentin.  They were living in a shanty with gaping holes in the roof and open spaces between makeshift walls on a dirt floor. Cesar works as a day loborer and Zomobia is a street vendor.  It takes all they make to keep the family fed and buy other necessaries.  They had no hope of improving their living conditions.  Cesar helped us with the foundation and building the house.  Heidi, the oldest daughter, plays violin in the symphony orchestra.  

Meet the Cuerruero family:  Ever, Teresa, Karla, Axel and Jeimi.  Their one room hut was literally on the edge of a 12 foot drop-off and leaning in that direction.  Not safe.  The retainining wall was built by the owner of the adjacent property.  Ever had to move over two yards of fill-dirt to bring the building site up to the level of the wall so we could build the house.  The three day old baby that Karla is holding was born while we were there.


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