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Approaching retirement I began thinking about what I was going to do with the rest of my life. Some very dear friends answered that question for me. Following their example I became involved in charitable endeavors in Mexico, Haiti, Belize, Honduras and Peru.  While in Manchay, Peru I met Padre Jose while working with a volunteer group on one of his school projects.  On another trip there in 2005 I asked if he and I could team up and do something about the dreadful living conditions of so many of the people. A summary of his answer is "can you start tomorrow".  So together in the course of the next ten years, with the help of his accomplished team and volunteers, 55 homes have been built providing families with safe, comfortable and healthy homes.    


Padre Jose Chuquillanque Yamamoto 

The man has many qualities but his essential characteristic, in my view, is his empathy for the people and his determination to change the impoverished conditions that exist in Manchay.  The Padre was sent to Manchay to serve the spiritual needs of the people and he quickly realized that serving their physical needs was also of vital improtance.  He, along with his teams of professionals, workers and volunteers, has made great advances in the areas of education, health care and human rights. Everything he has done there is an effort to improve the lives of the people by providing the means to better care for their families both spiritually and physically.  All that Padre has done in Manchay has been under the watchful leadership of Cardinal Cipriani Thorne, Archbishop of Lima 

Teresa Ramirez

This lady is the glue that holds it all together. She is a Family of Mankind volunteer. As my primary contact, she speaks English, Teresa makes it happen in Manchay.  Other members of the Manchay team are: Jose Lopez, the capable engineer, Enrique Espinoza, the efficient bean counter, Eduardo Arrieta, our ever ready right-hand man and Alejandro Mezo, the Maestro carpenter.

Jose Lopez


Eduardo Arrieta


Alejuandro Mezo


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